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 +====== 2D Platform Game Creator ======
 +2D Platform Game Creator was created as the bachelor'​s thesis at the //Faculty of Mathematics and Physics// at the //Charles University in Prague// by [[http://​www.milanrybar.cz|Milan Rybář]].
 +**Abstract** (taken from the the bachelor'​s thesis): ​
 +The aim of this thesis is to implement an application for creating 2D games with physics simulation.
 +The game can be created without any programming knowledge.
 +We propose an extendable visual scripting to define the behaviour of game objects.
 +The game objects are described by finite state machines. Nodes with pre-defined behaviour are connected on a virtual space at the object states.
 +The work contains a comparison with similar applications.
 +The capabilities of the application and the visual scripting method are demonstrated on a sample project.
 +See videos from the [[Examples:​Example Project]] or [[Tutorial:​Video Tutorial]].
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